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Greenhoard is a new environmentally friendly hoarding solution manufactured from recycled materials to secure your site and sustainable future.

The issue of sustainability is one of growing concern with buildings accounting for nearly half of all our energy use and with the construction industry contributing three times the amount of waste than all of UK households combined. Greenhoard have taken the responsibility to understand and seek out methods of working practice to mitigate the impact that construction has on the environment by developing our new recycled, re-usable and recyclable hoarding system.

Every year millions of sheets of plywood are used in temporary works on construction sites for site hoarding. Greenhoard is the sustainable and cost effective alternative to Timber hoarding and is a significant advancement in site hoarding development in terms of the environmental impact of how sites are secured. It represents an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects, reducing waste to landfill and satisfying environmental KPI’s while delivering the highest level of security and corporate image for your projects.

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