Lignum Timber Treatments

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Lignum Timber Treatments are high performance timber treatments you can rely on. We are a major producer of timber preservatives for the Professional and DIY UK & European markets.

Our timber preservatives are fully BS EN tested and certified
Our timber preservatives are supported under European Biocidal Regulations (BPR)
Our timber preservatives are microemulsion based formulations
Our timber preservatives achieve excellent penetration performance
Our timber preservatives contain zero VOC’s
We are a certified ISO 9001-2008 company


Timber is a versatile and beautiful material for construction and joinery projects combining inspiration, beauty, performance and environmental advantage, however, wood can be prone to decay and insect attack if not properly protected.

By choosing Lignum Timber Treatment products you are choosing a range of products that have been fully tested and proven for their effectiveness against wood destroying organisms such as fungi and insects ensuring superior performance backed by efficacy credentials.

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Phone +44 (0) 1332 362 492

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